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Contemporary Idols: Exalt Myself

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Text:  Daniel 4

Sermon:  Exalt Myself

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Nebuchadnezzar was king of the Babylonian Empire almost 600 years before Christ was born.  During his lifetime, he was arguably the most powerful and influential ruler who had ever lived.  Most of the known world was under his political power.  During his reign, he accomplished wonderful building projects and was able to glean wisdom and insights from the nations of the known world.

In Daniel 4, we read a unique story, which seems to be written by Nebuchadnezzar, that chronicles his descent from what appeared to be the ultimate position to power, to a man who struggled to maintain his sanity.  At the center of this struggle was a desire to be exalted and a refusal to acknowledge God.

Perhaps one of the most difficult idols to defeat is the idolatry of self.  When we live to satisfy ourselves and see our name exalted, we can run into the problem of ignoring God.  In this last sermon in our series on contemporary idols, we will consider Nebuchadnezzar’s fall from power as a warning to acknowledge God’s power in our lives.