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Healthy Attitudes: Conflict

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May 27, 2012 AM Sermon

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Although we would rather avoid it, sooner or later we all face conflict.  We argue in our homes, face tensions at work, disagree with our friends, and even harbor unspoken hard feelings toward people in our church.

In 1 Corinthians 6, the Bible gives us a glimpse at a group of people who struggled to get along.  Within the church family, members were filing lawsuits against each other and going to public courts to have their disagreements settled.  In his letter to the church, Paul makes it clear that this kind of public fighting was an embarassment to the church.

The Bible does not promise that we will never face conflict.  Nor does it teach us that it is wrong to argue or fight.  It does, however, make us realize that there is a price to be paid for our conflicts, and it calls us to carefully assess our disputes so that we handle them with maturity.