Sermons > Sermon on the Mount: Anger Management

Sermon on the Mount: Anger Management

Sermon: June 17, 2012 AM Sermon

Text:  Matthew 5:21-26

Title:  “Anger Management”

Date:  June 17, 2012


On June 17, we will continue our series on the Sermon on the Mount.  In today’s text, Jesus makes it clear that His followers are supposed to go to extreme lengths to create and maintain peace with each other.  If you have been wronged, you must avoid the danger of allowing anger to corrupt and dominate your life.  Even though we can acknowledge that we have every right to be angry when someone offends us, that does not mean that our justfied anger is healthy.  Christ’s followers must work to practice the art of forgiveness.

If you have offended somoene, you must take steps to seek reconciliation with the person you have wronged.  Jesus tells us that seeking forgiveness is so important that we should even stop in the middle of our act of worship in order to seek the forgiveness of the person we have hurt.

Christ came to bring reconciliation between God and His people.  This movement toward reconciliation must necessarily affect God’s people, so that they value peace in their relationships with each other.