Sermons > Sermon on the Mount: Retaliation

Sermon on the Mount: Retaliation


Text:  Matthew 5:38-42

Sermon:  Retaliation

Date:  July 29, 2012

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Sooner or later, someone will make you angry.  It could be caused by thoughtlessness, or by an intention to do you serious harm.  Our natural instinct is to seek revenge.  We want to humiliate the person who embarasses us.  We want to hit back when we have been struck.  We desire to seek revenge in order to restore us to our rightful place.

Jesus teaches his followers to rein in their thirst for control.  He does not want His followers to restore their stature by dragging others down, but through acts of service.  Jesus’ counter-intuitive instruction about responding to offenses will be the theme of our sermon on July 29 at our morning worship service.